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Prequel of the Alchemist steampunk series.


What happens when a goat, a man, a woman and a baby encounter each other during a train ride?


Read the story to find out how Dana's parents met.

The Apprentice's Path

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Book one of the Alchemist series, which will take you through Dana's personal growth story, as she accepts her destiny and matures to become the great woman she will become. Without forgetting alchemy, of course.


Dana Bedwen never wanted to be a dark mage. It's in her blood. It's her destiny. But what is that, compared to a young woman's desire to be an Alchemist?

So she is looking for a job as an Alchemist, despite the suspicion and discrimination she faces as a dark arall. She wants to build steam trains and make money, not spend time on silly, antiquated rituals. But the Universe is conspiring against her. In order to save her own life, she'll have to accept the fate she fought so hard to avoid. On the path to her destiny, she'll regain longlost family, a boyfriend, and uncover some secrets about herself.


The Ghost School

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Book 1 of the Marn Magical Academy series, which will take you through Amy's adventures as she finds love and friendship.


What happens when a girl from Earth attends a magical academy... in her dreams?

Amy Laurendeau is just an ordinary orphan. Or so she thinks, until she finds, among her dead mother's things, an advert for a magical Academy. An Academy she can only attend in a ghost form, in her dreams. Dreams that seem too real... Especially when so many things about Amy's life start making sense.

As part of the experimental new Distance Learning Department, she is not especially liked by her richer, much more knowledgeable classmates. She will stand up to Martinus Novak, the rich, handsome guy whose friends end up bullying Amy's fellow classmates, not really caring whether she will keep her place in school or not. This, after all, is just a dream, a welcome fantasy from a life of poverty and loneliness.

But she will find out that magic is real, and that the dangers she encounters in Marn will follow her to Earth.


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